Criminal Defense

Many people, when arrested for a crime in Tennessee, wonder about two very significant things: What are the expected outcomes, and what would a conviction do to their lives. A conviction for a violation of state or federal law, whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony, can have a lasting negative impact on your life, including:

  • Your ability to seek and retain employment
  • Your access to credit
  • Your cost of living — for example the rates you are charged for insurance
  • Your ability to conduct financial transactions, even to open a bank account

If you have been arrested and need a lawyer, contact my office, the firm of John Miles Attorney at Law, by calling 731-885-1234 right away. I've practiced both as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney so I understand how the state will build its case against you, and the best options for responding to them.

Can You Help Me Fight My Charge? What Could Happen to Me in Court?

I have been practicing law since 1988. I have represented defendants charged with many types of criminal charges, including:

  • DUI
  • Murder
  • Minor in possession
  • Domestic assaults and other domestic violence charges
  • Responding to an order of protection
  • Drug crimes, including possession and trafficking

I prepare each case carefully and listen to your side of the story fully. I will explore any realistic alternatives to a guilty verdict. Depending on your circumstances, you may qualify for a diversion program or other alternatives that would prevent a conviction from showing up on criminal background checks.

Understand Your Rights, Your Defenses, and Your Options

Regardless of what you have been arrested for or charged with, my firm can help you assert your due process rights. As your attorney, I can help find options that may preserve your freedom and keep your record clean. For a case consultation, call my office in Union City at 731-885-1234 or email me. I serve Obion, Weakley, Lake, Dyer Counties, and surrounding areas in Tennessee.