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Do not make a decision when facing a divorce or a criminal charge without consulting my firm. I can help you find and fight for the best possible outcome.

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Most of my caseload is concentrated on family law, general civil litigation, and criminal defense. I can help you with the unwinding of a marriage of long or short duration and help you through the divorce process. If you have been injured as a consequence of an automobile accident, I have successfully served as counsel for both the Plaintiff and Defendant in those actions. If you are faced with a criminal charge, I have over 30 years of experience as a former prosecutor and now criminal defense attorney. Here are a few of the many situations in which I can represent you:

It is hard not to feel anxious and apprehensive when you are facing a difficult legal situation such as a divorce, child custody, facing incarceration, or the pain of a personal injury, but having an attorney who can provide you with honest, clear, objective information can help you face these challenges with confidence, realistic expectations, and a degree of hope.

I am John M. Miles, founder of the firm John Miles Attorney at Law. I have handled many types of legal matters in Tennessee, both civil and criminal , and I am able to work with clients to find an effective solution to their situation.

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I have been helping individuals and families resolve their legal problems for over 30 years. Contact me at my office in Union City at 731-885-1234, or email me to set up an appointment. I serve all of Obion County, Weakley County, and the surrounding areas.


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