Civil Litigation

Resolving Disputes In Your Best Interests

Civil litigation may become necessary when an individual or another legal entity, such as a business, experiences a critical conflict with another party. Very few people set out to find reasons to sue others. However, these situations demand resolution. If you need legal assistance with civil litigation, contact me. I have decades of experience helping my clients resolve disputes cost-effectively and efficiently while protecting their rights and interests in matters such as these:

  • You suffer injuries in a motor vehicle accident when a truck, bus or another car disobeys traffic laws.
  • Your business has a contract to provide services, but after you complete the services as agreed, the buyer refuses to pay.
  • You sign a contract to build a new house, but the final price comes in way over budget and the contractor won’t comply with the agreement.
  • A family member dies, and you need guidance on how to probate the estate.
  • Your family cannot agree on whether a certain document filed with the court represents a deceased loved one’s will or the will is being challenged.

These are just a few circumstances that can result in legal problems leading to litigation between people, businesses and other entities. An experienced attorney is a valuable resource for parties on either side of a conflict: one who makes a demand or one who is accused.

The Way Ahead

A satisfactory outcome may come through negotiations, mediation, arbitration or litigation leading to a trial before a judge or jury. My goal from the beginning to the end of a conflict is to help you understand your options when this awareness counts the most. I will ensure you are equipped to act decisively in a way that takes into account both the risks and potential benefits of a trial, and takes into consideration alternatives to trial.

I welcome the opportunity to advise private individuals and people representing businesses facing conflicts of all types, including:

  • Contract disputes
  • Personal injury
  • Probate litigation, including will contests and allegations of breach of fiduciary duty
  • Divorce and other family-related conflicts
  • General civil disputes

I look forward to discussing your situation and finding a solution that works for you or your business.

Discuss Your Legal Matter With Me

The first step toward putting this conflict behind you is to understand your options. An initial consultation with John Miles Attorney at Law can put you on the path to a favorable resolution. Schedule a meeting with me by calling 731-885-1234 or by sending an inquiry online.