Family Law And Mediation

When Your Family Structure Is Changing

Few legal matters are as delicate as those involving the end of a marriage or other changes to a family. If you are going through a divorce, you need an attorney who can stand with you during this difficult time. I am John M. Miles, founder of John Miles Attorney at Law, and I am experienced in helping clients who are facing divorce, custody battles and other family law issues. As your lawyer, I will focus on ensuring fair treatment for you throughout the process and work diligently to help you pursue the best outcome for you and your children.

Divorce, Child Custody And Other Family Law Matters

I have practiced law since 1988, and a large part of my practice has been family law. I have worked with clients of all ages and income levels. I understand it is hard to choose divorce, but sometimes it is necessary for all parties to move forward with their lives.

I can help you with the following divorce-related matters and more:

  • Child custody: Tennessee law presently lends itself to shared parenting arrangements when possible. I can help you arrange scheduling for visitation that works with both parents’ work responsibilities and is in the best interests of the children.
  • Child support and spousal support: Whether you are asking for support or being asked to pay support, I work to find a fair and equitable solution for you.
  • Property division: I will help you understand how the courts in Tennessee distinguish between marital and separate property and how they go about dividing the marital estate. I can help craft proposals for the division of the marital assets and for the protection of your interests in your separate property.

Beyond helping you with divorce actions, I can arrange the legal paperwork related to adoption, including stepparent adoption. If you need an order of protection to keep your family safe, I can advise you on the process for that, as well.

Mediation: A Cost-Effective Choice

Often mediation can lead to an out-of-court settlement that is developed by the couple themselves, not a judge. The result is often more lasting and more workable than a result derived from heated litigation. As a mediator, I can help you develop reasonable and fair proposals grounded in the facts relating to your needs and the needs of your children. Mediation is often less expensive and less stressful, particularly if young children are involved.

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